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So you just opened your hotel, but where are your guests? For any hotel regardless of size, occupancy is a primary concern. But then again, it doesn’t have to be. Follow the tips below and see more guests come in through your door.

Branding – Branding is all about formulating a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for your business and creating marketing materials (including logo) based on it. Why is branding important? Because it creates an image for your hotel, making it easier to attract your target market. It also makes your business easy to remember.

Positioning – Since there are so many hotels, you cannot afford to cast a wide net and hope people from all walks of life will book a room. Unless if you are a Hilton hotel, it’s better to target a specific group of people. Positioning ties in with branding.

Once you have identified your target market, it’s time to target them. There are many ways that you can market your business. However, there is really just a handful that brings in significant results. In the rest of this article, you will find a list of the different marketing channels you should explore.

Website – Your website represents your hotel on the Internet and as such, you should invest money in it. Don’t just pour money into the design. Work with a developer to have an email capture form. Also, have other tools installed, including booking and concierge tools.

Google Adwords – This is the pay-per-click advertising program of Google.With Adwords, you bid on keywords, and your advertisement will appear below the search bar of the search engine where it is the most visible to website visitors. Target the keywords that your target market searches in order to find hotels like yours.

Search Engine Optimization – More commonly referred to as SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of making your website rank on Google search for its more important keywords. Adwords and SEO are not mutually exclusive. Instead, they are complementary, and if you are serious about marketing your business, you should do both.

Travel websites – You may hate the ratings and review system of different travel websites like TripAdvisor. However, they can be your best tool for establishing your name in the hotel industry. Get your hotel listed on TripAdvisor and other similar websites and encourage your former guests to leave a review there. Or you can contact a local website where they will advertise your hotel in their website. Luckily, we have found a local site where we are establishing a new branch. We are planning to get in touch with the admin of this site.

Facebook ads – Unlike Google Adwords where you target keyphrases, with Facebook ads, you target people of a specific demographic and living in a precise location. Advertising on Facebook should be more efficient, however, if you don’t have a strong brand that has a compelling message to your audience, it won’t work.

Viral videos – Viral videos are different from the official videos of your hotel in that they tell a story. It could be the story of one of your staff or guests. In any case, no matter whose story it is, the video you release should be touching and funny enough that people will want to share it.

Customer experience – There is no denying the power of social media, and there is nothing more powerful than a guest taking selfies inside your hotel, or writing a gushing post about your hotel, and uploading them to Facebook.

Growing your hotel business is an ongoing effort. Some of the items we shared in this article will bring customers right away while others simply create an awareness of your brand.

In order to grow your business, you need to take a synergistic and incorporate the different marketing tips and strategies we mentioned here.

bookmark_borderGPS Golf Rangefinder Beginner Usage and Guidance

GPS Golf Rangefinder is an advanced device designed to monitor your drive through an on-board microprocessor. The GPS Golf Rangefinder’s built-in accelerometer measures distance, velocity, direction, and elevation data and can give data in more than 40 languages.

The built-in GPS antenna and the battery can run the device for up to two years, and use its integrated GPS data to improve the performance even when there is no signal. Also, your data is stored on-board the device so that you can access it from any computer anywhere that has a GPS or Internet connection. 

In addition, the GPS Golf Rangefinder can function as a Bluetooth sensor – if you need a little extra distance that you cannot achieve from a battery, the GPS Golf Rangefinder can measure extra distance in a number of settings, including distance to obstacle, distance to water, distance to grass, distance downwind from golf course and more.

The GPS Golf Rangefinder comes with built-in GPS and Bluetooth technology, including automatic pairing with compatible devices, and works with iOS among several devices.

It’s not unusual for some people that don’t really know what GPS is or to have a GPS rangefinder for all their needs. A lot of folks have trouble focusing on objects because they don’t have good enough vision to see the green in the field of view of a GPS rangefinder. 

It means that if you are using a rangefinder for your daily driving, make sure you adjust the camera’s field of view by holding the display to the side of your head. Most rangefinders are designed so that you can adjust the range of view manually in the distance menu. If you need to change the picture exposure during photography, it is usually easier to use the exposure sliders with the camera. The camera also features various built-in zoom levels and a range dial for fine-tuning your shots.

A GPS rangefinder is often used when you want to find an object while moving at a distance and then switch your focus accordingly. The image will have improved depth of field from a distance, making it easier to capture the subject by moving away from it.

The new GPS rangefinder models are much easier to control. With the addition of the Garmin GPS range indicator, the rangefinder will not automatically turn on when riding or using other GPS activity. The rangefinder only has 4 LEDs on it, the rest are indicators for your GPS model (i.e., the one using the GPS receiver) and is completely programmable. It is only activated when you are on a GPS system. For more visit this page:

It is also much easier to read your range indicator (on older or older models) without having to hold down the button for the LED to stay on for longer. In fact, the range indicator lights up when using a GPS and turns off when not using it.

If you are doing an old fashioned GPS workout, the range indicator is very helpful. With an old fashioned GPS, you cannot turn it on. So with the Garmin GPS range indicator, you can see when you are at your desired distance. Using the Range indicator while moving will tell you exactly how far out you have gone. 

bookmark_borderThese Golf Items Are Going To Improve Your Golf Game As You Want

For those of you who just like to play golf on the weekends with your buddies and for pros alike you want to get only the very best equipment that you can for your golf game so that you can reach the best score that you can where it matters in the numbers.

With this list, I am going to name off some of the finest equipment that you can buy in order to improve your golf game.

Your friends aren’t going to believe how much better you are doing on your golf game once you start using some of these products for your golf game.

1. Golf Clubs To Improve Your Game

This is the main thing that you need in order to improve your game and there are no better golf clubs around right now than the TaylorMade M3.

These golf clubs are going to take your swing to the next level.
Every golf game begins and ends with the golf clubs and you want to make sure that you can get the best golf clubs that you can and when you get these clubs everyone around you is going to be envious of your golf game when they are playing golf with you because this golf club has what is called Twist Face which is data collected from thousands of different golf swings and modified to give you the edge when you play golf.

2. The Perfect Shoes Are A Must On The Golf Course

A good pair of shoes is something that you absolutely must have when on the golf course and that’s why you need to get the Puma Ignite Pwersport Golf Shoes because not only are these shoes going to give you the comfort that you’re looking for with your golf shoes, but they are also going to give you the support and focus for when you are taking swings in your golf game.

3. The Bushnell Hybrid

You may not really hear too much about rangefinders, but this tool is something that is going to make you a believer.
Once you try out this work of art you are going to be amazed that you didn’t get one sooner.

The Bushnell Hybrid measures the length of the distance from where you are to your next hole which is going to give you the upper hand on your golf swing because you will be able to have a better idea of how hard and in which direction is going to give you the best shot all thanks to this device.

All of these are very valuable additions to your golf game and are all going to give you that little bit of extra edge that you’re looking for when you’re out on the golf course playing with your buddies.

bookmark_borderBenefits of playing golf

Golf is often seen as a slow sport, and most people feel that there is no real benefit to playing it. However, there are many benefits to playing golf that you should consider if you are in two minds about playing. These benefits are wide-ranging and will impact your overall health in very positive ways.

1. Improves Heart Health

When you perform any exercise, you will get your blood pumping, and this will help to improve your heart health. Of course, the only way you are going to be getting the heart health benefits is to ditch the golf cart. It is the walking that you do on the course that will benefit your heart the most.

When you walk the course, you will be carrying your bag adding weight to the walk. Along with the swinging of the club, this will increase your heart rate and help your heart health. When you combine playing golf with a healthy diet, you will see a decrease in blood pressure and harmful cholesterol.

2. Stimulating The Brain

Many people do not realise that golf will stimulate the brain. However, walking every day actually helps to strengthen the memory circuits in the brain. The Alzheimer’s Society states that keeping physically active will help your mind stay healthy. The walking that you complete when playing golf will be enough to keep your body busy and help the brain.

It is due to the improved blood circulation that occurs when you exercise. As your heart rate increases, blood circulation improves, and your brain will have a better oxygen supply. It will help to stimulate the brain, and there are a lot of other benefits that come from this.

3. Losing Weight

When you want to lose weight, golf is not the sport you will generally think of. However, if you do not use a cart to get around on the course, you could actually lose weight while you play. The magic number for losing weight while walking is 10,000. You need to take 10,000 steps each day to start losing weight when it is combined with a healthy and balanced diet.

When walking around an 18-hole golf course, you will get more than this number of steps in. Research which was done by the Norwegian Golf Federation found that the average male golfer will burn approximately 2,500 kCal during an 18-hole round of golf. On the same course, a female golfer will burn around 1,500 kCal. It will be enough to help you lose weight as long as you are eating correctly when you are not playing. Golf At Eagle Ridge is a great 18 hole golf course in Williston .They also review some golf products in their website. Also, check out their lonely planet property.

4. Stress Reduction

More and more people are suffering from severe levels of stress for many reasons. It is crucial that you look at ways to decrease the amount of mental pressure that you face on a daily basis. If you cannot remedy the cause of the stress, you need to look at ways that you can release the tension that you feel and how it impacts the rest of your life.

Golf is a great way to reduce the stress that you feel and help you relax when you are feeling stressed. The pleasure of getting outside is the first way that golf helps. Getting some fresh air will do wonders for you and will help you release some of the stress that you feel. Walking has also been found to be a good stress reliever and golf gives you the opportunity to walk.

The exercise and mental stimulation that you get from golf will also cause your body to release endorphins. It is the mood-enhancing chemical in your brain which will help you feel more relaxed and happier. The fact that golf is also a social sport can be helpful to people who find stress relief when socialising with other people.

5. Improved Sleep

Getting a better night’s sleep is very important for your health, and it is one of the benefits of playing golf. The fresh air that you get playing golf combined with the exercise will help you sleep better. It has been found that when you exercise regularly, you will be able to fall asleep faster. It is essential because it will help your body slow down and enter deep sleep more quickly.

The exercise will also help you remain in a deep sleep for a more extended period. Deep sleep is useful because this is when your body has the chance to relax and repair itself completely. When you sleep better, you will also find that you are more aware mentally the next day. Your mood will also be better when you get a good night’s sleep.

A lot of people do not realise that there are many benefits to playing golf. When you play golf, you will be getting fresh air and exercise which helps you in many different ways from weight loss to better sleep.

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With the overwhelming support from our customers we are happy that we are starting our business back again. After the halt of our hotel chain for sometime we were planning to get back in the game. With efforts from our backlog officials and management team we are able to break all the odds and get back in our work again. Hopefully, this time, we will be able to serve you even better. We will be putting all our energy delivering high quality service and standards to our valuable customers. If for some reason you do not like our service then please tell us in details about it. We will be very happy to hear from you. Please revert back to this website for future updates and news regarding our business.

Please go to our new blog post about golf where we have covered some important topics.